What is Pickdee?

During sports tournaments, friends or colleagues often play a guessing game on predicting match results. That's what Pickdee is for - choose a tournament and predict the results of the competition, and we'll take care of the competition schedule and scoring! :)

How to play?

Just create a New Game and invite your friends or colleagues to it. Then everything is easy: choose your tournament favorite - the predicted winner, guess the results of each match and get points for correct predictions.


There are several game types:

In short - the difference between the levels is that in Simple mode you can guess only a win or loss, while in Bullseye mode you can try to guess the difference and the exact result in addition to all that. Supporter game players additionally compete for individual rating among all Pickdee supporters in their exclusive game. They also have opportunities to win Valuable prizes.

Detailed rules for each game type can be found by clicking on the game level links above.