What is Pickdee?

During sports tournaments or other contests, friends or colleagues often play a guessing game on predicting match results. That's what Pickdee is for - choose a tournament and predict the results of the competition, and we'll take care of the competition schedule and scoring! :)

How to play?

Just create a New Game and invite your friends or colleagues to it. Then everything is easy: choose your tournament favorite - the predicted winner, guess the results of each race and get points for correct predictions.

Formula 1 Game Rules

Championship Favorite

Choose your favorite driver. You will get additional points if your favorite will win the championship!

Tournament Winner50

You can keep changing the favorite, but you have to make a final decision before the start of the game. After that it will no longer be possible to change your favorite.

Predictions for the round

Enter your predictions for each race. It is not necessary to enter predictions for all races at once, but you must set it before the start of that race. Predictions can not be changed after the race is started.

You need to choose your Top 10 drivers for each race.

You'll get points for:

  • Each correctly predicted driver in Top 10;
  • For driver's position accuracy in Top 10;

Points for predicting drivers in Top 10

For each correctly predicted driver, which was ranked in Top 10 you will get 10 points. Driver's position doesn't matter here - most important that it should be ranked in Top 10.

Predicting the positions of drivers

Extra points are awarded for guessing the driver's position as accurately as possible. The difference between the predicted positions and actual position of drivers are evaluated. Accuracy points are calculated for each driver, which ranked in Top 10.

Points for position accuracy prediction:

Missing byPoints
Guess exact difference25

Points assignment

Points will be calculated and assigned after the end of each round. There could be situation that driver's position could change after the race is finished due to some fine, disqualification or other reasons. Then results will be corrected later and points will be recalculated.

Good Luck!